Could you help us with our upcoming features on The Alan Titchmarsh Show?

We need YOU!

We are often looking for viewers with interesting stories who can help us illustrate some of our features.

We are now looking for the following:


Would you like ten years taken off your look? Are struggling to work out how to dress your age? Are you staggering in stilettos and a mini when you really need to be dressing down? If you need some style inspiration, ideas to keep your hair in top condition and beauty tips that could help turn back the clock then get in touch. If you or someone you know would like to join Alan and his team of style experts on The Alan Titchmarsh Show on Wednesday 10th September, then get in touch and we could help give you a whole new look. Contact for more details.


What are your views and experiences of the differences between the sexes? Do you think women are better at observation and empathy than men or is your experience the opposite. What you love most about the opposite sex and what do you like the least? We are looking for anecdotes and comments. Please send to or post via our Contact Us page on this site.


Do you have a science question for our resident scientist? Have you ever wondered whether our feet really do lose temperature when we get ‘cold feet’? Do men get more belly fluff than women? Whatever your question, we’re interested. We may use your question on the show in our science section which transmits every Tuesday. Email your question to or via our Contact Us page on this site.


Does your dog chew up your house when he’s left alone? Maybe your parrot has picked up some unfavorable language? Or perhaps your rabbit is ruining your garden? Whatever your unruly pet dilemma, please contact and our top tv vet just might be able to help.


Are you a creative cake baker who wants to share their designs with the nation? Are you forever coming up with weird and wonderful designs for cakes? Could you give a professional baker a run for their money? We’re looking for an amateur cake baker who’s prepared to go up against a professional in Alan’s Big Bake Showdown. If you or someone you know would like to rise to the occasion and appear on The Alan Titchmarsh Show on Wednesdays starting 10th September, then get in touch and you could see your creations on screen. Contact for more details.

By alantitchmarsh