The Alan Titchmarsh Show is back for a brand new series…

alan-titchmarshYes, we’re back in the hot seat and the final (sob!) series of The Alan Titchmarsh Show launches on Monday 8th September at 3pm live on ITV.

We’ve been beavering away to develop some new features for you and ringing up all your favourite celebrities to invite them on the couch for a chat. We have a luscious line-up of entertainment, debate and fascinating facts about life. Our regulars include:


Monday’s Show

Perfect Puds:

Never “The Diet Starts on Monday” – we’re going all out to tempt the sweet tooth! We’ll cover everything from sugar sculpture to intricate cake decorations.

Titchmarsh’s Newsflash!:

Our well-informed, eagle-eyed panelists proffer the stories that caught their eye recently. They trawl the very depths of the infernal internet, the murky corners of the popular press and the oddities in obscure publications to bring us a unique round-up of new stories

Pets & Wildlife.

From domestic pets to British and more exotic wildlife we bring the latest animal news, advice and information, whether it’s bird-watching or fox hunting, pooch pampering or the secrets of your cat’s night life.


Tuesday’s Show

Science & Technology:

Our very clever scientist explains the stories behind the science headlines with potentially explosive demonstrations in studio. And we investigate the science behind everyday objects we take for granted – from the light bulb to the humble toaster.

We also want YOUR questions for our science & technology team – however challenging. (Do you really get cold feet when you are anxious?) . Send them to

Battle of Sexes:

Are women better at observation and empathy than men? Are men really superior at map reading? We set out to resolve the ultimate battle through a variety of entreating challenges with our celebrity guests. Want to tell us what you think? Email us at


Wednesday’s Show

Health & How to Live Longer:

What does it take to live longer (and healthier). Over the series we present the ultimate Top Ten Tips for Longevity and explore the truth behind the contradictory advice so often pedalled in the press.

Alan’s Problem-Solving Panel. No dilemma is too daunting for our panel of experts in Life. What is the meaning of life? What is the secret of Happiness?


Thursday’s Show


Fascinating real life stories from the past from rebellious young royals of old to the real history of the Downton era and WW1.

Style File. A weekly roundup of news, views and research in the world of fashion, beauty and hair, from the latest techniques for thinning hair to the art of good grooming.


Friday’s Show


We’re digging out seasonal produce from the garden allotment or farmers’ market, and handing them over to our chefs to create tasty, nutritious recipes.

Brilliant Beverages:

Wine expert Helen McGinn adds the drink to the feast, at the same time giving a rundown of that week’s best buys.

Game Show Tribute:

Remember The Golden Shot and Give Us a Clue? With ITV’s 60th anniversary coming up we take the opportunity to look back at some of the most popular quiz and game shows of old..

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