Science Expert Dr Emily Grossman

emily grossman Dr Emily Grossman has joined the team to explain how the world works. Every Tuesday she joins Alan with the stories behind the latest  science headlines, to deconstruct the everyday household objects we take for granted and explain how they work.

Emily says, “My two passions are science and communication. I am an expert in molecular biology and genetics, with a Triple First in Natural Sciences from Queens’ College Cambridge and a PhD in cancer research. I work as a science broadcaster and educator, explaining science for BBC1, ITV, Channel 4, Sky1, Sky News, London Live, Radio 4, Radio 5 live and the Guardian.

Over the past ten years I have taught at two London schools, the Manchester Science Museum, and over 150 private students. I specialise in using creative analogies to help visualise and explain complex scientific concepts – whether it’s making models of atoms out of fruit and vegetables, using horse-racing to explain electricity, or jumping off the sofa to understand gravity and momentum. I love explaining science in a way that brings simplicity, clarity and understanding to others”.

Emily’s website: