Could you help us on the Alan Titchmarsh Show?

We’re on the look out for some lovely Titchmarsh viewers to get involved with forthcoming features:


Are you someone with a fuller figure who struggles when it comes to fashion? Do you find your size isn’t catered for on the high street? If you’re a man or woman who would like a plus size style makeover next week then email

We particularly want a man with a fuller figure who would like a style makeover. Is your other half fed up of trying to find a look that suits his frame? Why not get in touch at and we might be able to provide some style advice and a makeover when we record the show on Wednesday 24th September.


We’re looking a bugs in your home including the ever-present spider. Do you have unidentified bugs in your house you’d like our bug expert to identify?  If so send in a photo to

Or do you have questions about spiders, daddy longlegs and other wildlife living with you at home? Send the to the above email address.


Are you a creative cake baker who wants to share their designs with the nation? Are you forever coming up with weird and wonderful designs for cakes? Could you give a professional baker a run for their money? We’re looking for an amateur cake baker who’s prepared to go up against a professional in Alan’s Big Bake Showdown. If you or someone you know would like to rise to the occasion and appear on The Alan Titchmarsh Show, then get in touch and you could see your creations on screen. Contact for more details.

By alantitchmarsh