It all began on Monday 3rd September 2007 – the first tx (that’s telly speak for transmission) of The Alan Titchmarsh Show.   Guests that fateful day included Nigella Lawson, Carole Malone, Nirpal Dhaliwell, Alex James, Lord Iver and Lesley Garrett singing “The Way We Were”. Oh, and there were some naked fishermen too!

The first Alan Titchmarsh Show guests

Where it all began… back in 2007

Since then we’ve made nearly 700 shows and had the absolute creme de la creme of guests ranging from Lord Attenborough to Zac Goldsmith (A to Z – geddit ?),  Dame Judi Dench, Bette Midler, Robin Gibb, Sir Cliff Richard, Sir Terry Wogan and so many many more. All wonderful entertainers in their own right and all a pleasure to sit and chat to, if only too briefly.

Now 6 1/2 years later  The Alan Titchmarsh Show begins it’s 14th series in January 2014 with all your regular features, the usual quirky mix of entertainment and news, and a guest list guaranteed to make anyone jealous.

Stay tuned, there’s lots more fun to be had everyday at 3pm on ITV1.

And for the other 23 hours we’re not on the telly, you can join in the fun on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter too!


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