Could you help us on the Alan Titchmarsh Show?

We’re on the look out for some lovely Titchmarsh viewers to get involved with forthcoming features:


Are you someone with a fuller figure who struggles when it comes to fashion? Do you find your size isn’t catered for on the high street? If you’re a man or woman who would like a plus size style makeover next week then email

We particularly want a man with a fuller figure who would like a style makeover. Is your other half fed up of trying to find a look that suits his frame? Why not get in touch at and we might be able to provide some style advice and a makeover when we record the show on Wednesday 24th September.


We’re looking a bugs in your home including the ever-present spider. Do you have unidentified bugs in your house you’d like our bug expert to identify?  If so send in a photo to

Or do you have questions about spiders, daddy longlegs and other wildlife living with you at home? Send the to the above email address.


Are you a creative cake baker who wants to share their designs with the nation? Are you forever coming up with weird and wonderful designs for cakes? Could you give a professional baker a run for their money? We’re looking for an amateur cake baker who’s prepared to go up against a professional in Alan’s Big Bake Showdown. If you or someone you know would like to rise to the occasion and appear on The Alan Titchmarsh Show, then get in touch and you could see your creations on screen. Contact for more details.

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Alan’s Spider Poll – dare you do it?!

We’re looking at the wildlife in your home soon on the show and we’d love you to do our quick poll. Simply pick one answer from the list below. Thank you!

House Spider

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Please do our quick poll

We are entering the fray in one of life’s greatest battles – THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES! Are men and women ‘wired’ differently and if so what difference does this make? The battle plays out with our celebrity guests on Tuesdays’ Alan Titchmarsh Show. Why not get involved by sharing your views. We’d like to hear them!



And you can send us your thoughts and comments on the Battle of the Sexes via our contact form:




Could you help us with our upcoming features on The Alan Titchmarsh Show?

We need YOU!

We are often looking for viewers with interesting stories who can help us illustrate some of our features.

We are now looking for the following:


Would you like ten years taken off your look? Are struggling to work out how to dress your age? Are you staggering in stilettos and a mini when you really need to be dressing down? If you need some style inspiration, ideas to keep your hair in top condition and beauty tips that could help turn back the clock then get in touch. If you or someone you know would like to join Alan and his team of style experts on The Alan Titchmarsh Show on Wednesday 10th September, then get in touch and we could help give you a whole new look. Contact for more details.


What are your views and experiences of the differences between the sexes? Do you think women are better at observation and empathy than men or is your experience the opposite. What you love most about the opposite sex and what do you like the least? We are looking for anecdotes and comments. Please send to or post via our Contact Us page on this site.


Do you have a science question for our resident scientist? Have you ever wondered whether our feet really do lose temperature when we get ‘cold feet’? Do men get more belly fluff than women? Whatever your question, we’re interested. We may use your question on the show in our science section which transmits every Tuesday. Email your question to or via our Contact Us page on this site.


Does your dog chew up your house when he’s left alone? Maybe your parrot has picked up some unfavorable language? Or perhaps your rabbit is ruining your garden? Whatever your unruly pet dilemma, please contact and our top tv vet just might be able to help.


Are you a creative cake baker who wants to share their designs with the nation? Are you forever coming up with weird and wonderful designs for cakes? Could you give a professional baker a run for their money? We’re looking for an amateur cake baker who’s prepared to go up against a professional in Alan’s Big Bake Showdown. If you or someone you know would like to rise to the occasion and appear on The Alan Titchmarsh Show on Wednesdays starting 10th September, then get in touch and you could see your creations on screen. Contact for more details.

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The Alan Titchmarsh Show is back for a brand new series…

alan-titchmarshYes, we’re back in the hot seat and the final (sob!) series of The Alan Titchmarsh Show launches on Monday 8th September at 3pm live on ITV.

We’ve been beavering away to develop some new features for you and ringing up all your favourite celebrities to invite them on the couch for a chat. We have a luscious line-up of entertainment, debate and fascinating facts about life. Our regulars include:


Monday’s Show

Perfect Puds:

Never “The Diet Starts on Monday” – we’re going all out to tempt the sweet tooth! We’ll cover everything from sugar sculpture to intricate cake decorations.

Titchmarsh’s Newsflash!:

Our well-informed, eagle-eyed panelists proffer the stories that caught their eye recently. They trawl the very depths of the infernal internet, the murky corners of the popular press and the oddities in obscure publications to bring us a unique round-up of new stories

Pets & Wildlife.

From domestic pets to British and more exotic wildlife we bring the latest animal news, advice and information, whether it’s bird-watching or fox hunting, pooch pampering or the secrets of your cat’s night life.


Tuesday’s Show

Science & Technology:

Our very clever scientist explains the stories behind the science headlines with potentially explosive demonstrations in studio. And we investigate the science behind everyday objects we take for granted – from the light bulb to the humble toaster.

We also want YOUR questions for our science & technology team – however challenging. (Do you really get cold feet when you are anxious?) . Send them to

Battle of Sexes:

Are women better at observation and empathy than men? Are men really superior at map reading? We set out to resolve the ultimate battle through a variety of entreating challenges with our celebrity guests. Want to tell us what you think? Email us at


Wednesday’s Show

Health & How to Live Longer:

What does it take to live longer (and healthier). Over the series we present the ultimate Top Ten Tips for Longevity and explore the truth behind the contradictory advice so often pedalled in the press.

Alan’s Problem-Solving Panel. No dilemma is too daunting for our panel of experts in Life. What is the meaning of life? What is the secret of Happiness?


Thursday’s Show


Fascinating real life stories from the past from rebellious young royals of old to the real history of the Downton era and WW1.

Style File. A weekly roundup of news, views and research in the world of fashion, beauty and hair, from the latest techniques for thinning hair to the art of good grooming.


Friday’s Show


We’re digging out seasonal produce from the garden allotment or farmers’ market, and handing them over to our chefs to create tasty, nutritious recipes.

Brilliant Beverages:

Wine expert Helen McGinn adds the drink to the feast, at the same time giving a rundown of that week’s best buys.

Game Show Tribute:

Remember The Golden Shot and Give Us a Clue? With ITV’s 60th anniversary coming up we take the opportunity to look back at some of the most popular quiz and game shows of old..

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The Alan Titchmarsh Show

Week 2 – Bring on the subs..

Week 2

Winter hasn’t been as bad as it could have been weather wise, although if you’ve been caught in the floods or the gales of late you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

Last week our consumer team took a look the issue of flooding, with Fiona Foster and legal eagle Kevin Poulter offering advice to those who have had the misfortune to suffer from flooding and then discover that their insurance hasn’t covered them.

One top tip, is that if you receive a warning of flooding on your phone from the environment agency – and you hit the button as requested to indicate that you have received the warning –  you are usually required by your insurance policy to take preventative steps against flooding. This means moving things upstairs, protecting your thresholds with sandbags etc. Hopefully you won’t be in a position to have to do this, but at least now you know.

The Alan Titchmarsh Show

Pauline McLynn enjoys extreme knitting

One of our guests sadly didn’t make the studio last week, actor Tim Healy was unwell but fellow Benidorm cast member Jake Caruso stepped boldy into the breach and came on the show at the last minute.

We had many contributors, including the extreme knitting ladies who brought in record breaking needles and got actress Pauline McLynn in a rare old tangle.

This week sees Christopher Timothy and Mat Horne on Monday, Tuesday brings Martin Shaw and Les Dennis, Wednesday welcomes Neil Dugdeon and Zoe Lucker, Thursday’s child is Ben Fogle, along with Jenny Seagrove and we have Friday with Fiona Bruce.

All in all, another cracking week here in Studio 2 – I hope you’ll be watching and you join in all our regular fun on Facebook and Twitter.



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Week 1 – We’re back in business!

Hello everyone – it’s great to be back in the studio again – the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd etc.  Our teams have been working hard to bring you a fabulous mix of interesting items, regular features and top celebrity chat.

Perks of the job! Photo courtesy Rex Features

Perks of the job!
Photo courtesy Rex Features

In our first week, we’ll be meeting Mark Benton, fresh from rehearsals on the Strictly Come Dancing Live tour. Eagle eyed viewers may actually spot that Mark will be missing from the final part of the show as he has to hot- foot it back to Wembley for a performance this evening.  Also joining us today will be Paul Hollywood, kneading us into shape and letting us prove under a damp teatowel while he makes a tasty sausage plait.

Tuesday brings our regular pet feature with the Barking Blondes Jo and Anna and some more weird and wonderful animal antics.  Guests include Stephen Tompkinson and Olympic gold medal winner Victoria Pendleton, whilst on Wednesday we’ve got Meera Syal (The Kumars) and ex-Genesis guitarist Mike Rutherford.

On Thursday actress Pauline McLynn – you may know her as Mrs. Doyle from Father Ted, Joe Pasquale (no introduction necessary!) and Tim Healy (the cross-dressing Les/Lesley from Benidorm) are sure to cause a stir in the studio and rounding off the week on Friday we have Pam Ferris (Call The Midwife), food writer and cook Lorraine Pascale.

Add to this a host of entertaining and informative features and top it off with a live performance of Seasons of Love by Kerry Ellis and the cast of Rent and that, ladies and gentlemen, is week 1 in a nutshell.

I hope you can join us for some, if not all of it!



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Happy 2014!

The Alan Titchmarsh Show

Alan bangs the drum for a new series – Monday 20th January 2014

Happy 2014!

I hope the festive season brought all that you wished for – bulging stockings, a plump juicy turkey and plenty of joy and goodwill to go round (you know,  the kind that comes in handy when playing charades for the 12th time).

It’s back in the studio for the teams next week at Titchmarsh HQ, and it’s all systems go.  We have three teams who cover the week, all doing two shows a week (we pre-record some shows as some of you regulars will know by now).  So working on the show means you’ve really got your work cut out for you – there’s no leaning on your spade here and having a chat over the allotment fence,  it’s put-your-back- into- it and seek those stories out, get the features researched, guests booked, travel sorted, props sourced, and if you’re lucky you might be able to look up from your computer screen for long enough to peer at the clock and wonder how on earth it can be 9pm already.

We handpick our teams and they always do a fantastic job.  There is usually a mix of some new faces, eager to jump on the treadmill of a daily live telly, and –  even stranger – some faces who have worked on the series before and yet seem to want to come back for more. I guess it can’t be all that bad then, can it?

Our regular features are all back by popular demand, including Consumer, Health, Pets and our life-changing Makeover segment.  If you’d like to contribute to any of these items, make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook as this is how we let you know what the teams are looking for in terms of guests/appearances etc.

You can join in the fun in person without being on the telly by being in our audience – contact for details of tickets. Shows are recorded at ITV Studios on the South Bank during the day. We film two shows a day and you even get a half time juice, courtesy of the lovely audience ushers.

And if you don’t wish to contribute or come along to the studios, you can simply snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy the show from the comfort of your own living room – now hopefully calm, peaceful and charade free!

Back on 20th January 2014 – 3pm, don’t miss it!

All the best,


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