Happy 2014!

The Alan Titchmarsh Show

Alan bangs the drum for a new series – Monday 20th January 2014

Happy 2014!

I hope the festive season brought all that you wished for – bulging stockings, a plump juicy turkey and plenty of joy and goodwill to go round (you know,  the kind that comes in handy when playing charades for the 12th time).

It’s back in the studio for the teams next week at Titchmarsh HQ, and it’s all systems go.  We have three teams who cover the week, all doing two shows a week (we pre-record some shows as some of you regulars will know by now).  So working on the show means you’ve really got your work cut out for you – there’s no leaning on your spade here and having a chat over the allotment fence,  it’s put-your-back- into- it and seek those stories out, get the features researched, guests booked, travel sorted, props sourced, and if you’re lucky you might be able to look up from your computer screen for long enough to peer at the clock and wonder how on earth it can be 9pm already.

We handpick our teams and they always do a fantastic job.  There is usually a mix of some new faces, eager to jump on the treadmill of a daily live telly, and –  even stranger – some faces who have worked on the series before and yet seem to want to come back for more. I guess it can’t be all that bad then, can it?

Our regular features are all back by popular demand, including Consumer, Health, Pets and our life-changing Makeover segment.  If you’d like to contribute to any of these items, make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook as this is how we let you know what the teams are looking for in terms of guests/appearances etc.

You can join in the fun in person without being on the telly by being in our audience – contact www.sro.com for details of tickets. Shows are recorded at ITV Studios on the South Bank during the day. We film two shows a day and you even get a half time juice, courtesy of the lovely audience ushers.

And if you don’t wish to contribute or come along to the studios, you can simply snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy the show from the comfort of your own living room – now hopefully calm, peaceful and charade free!

Back on 20th January 2014 – 3pm, don’t miss it!

All the best,


By alantitchmarsh